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Principles of plates fracture fixation by Mr Shwan Henari

Principles of plates fracture fixation by Mr Shwan Henari

Bone cement by Mr Firas Arnaout and Mr Athar Siddiqui 

Masterig your skills for the viva by Mr Mohamed Imam

Free body Diagrams by Mr Shwan Henari

SLAC and SNAC wrist by Mr Kashif Memon

Ethical scenarios for the FRCS by Mr Mohamed Imam

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis by Mr Fouad Chaudhry

History and examination of the knee - Part 1 by Mr Jeh Mahaluxmivala

Statistics for FRCS by Mr David Hughes

Theatre design  by Mr Sameer Agarwal

Key scoring point in History taking and Examination by Mr David Hughes & Mr Firas Arnaout

Periprosthetic fractures by Mr Husam Elbana

Avascular Necrosis by Mr Hemanta Das

Tips & Tricks for FRCS by Mr Dhamo Kamatchi

Diabetic and Charcot foot by Mr Abdullah Hanoun

Nerve physiology , NCS and nerve injury by Mr Rishi Dhir

Trauma Revision for FRCS

Cauda Equina by Mr Ramish Dalwai 

Patello-Femoral instability  by Prof Deiary Kader

Prosthetics by Mr Jeh Mahaluximavala

Cavo-Varus Foot by Mr Edward Gee

Bacteriology and Infection prevention by Mr Sid Kamat

Lunate instability  by Mr Kashif Memon

Orthopaedic Genetics  by Mr Jeh Mahaluximavala

The painful TKR  by Mr Tamer Sweed

Paediatric Orthopaedics by Mr Shanaka serevirathna

Last Minute Tips & Tricks by Mr Athar Siddiqui 

The limping child by Mr Husam ElBanna

Rotator Cuff tears by Mr Renjit Issac

 Adult Hip Reconstruction by Mr Farid Uddin

Osteotomies around the knee by Mr Omer Zubair

THR instability by Mr Firas Arnaout

VTE Prophylaxis by Mr Abdullah Hanoun

Evidence for the FRCS by Mr Siddharth Kamat

The Personal FRCS Exam  by Mr Anwaar Kiani

Hip management in Cerebral Palsy by Ms Nicola Walsh

Hip Examination for FRCS ( Part 1) by Mr Jeh Mahaluxmivala

Principles of amputations by Mr Mahmoud Rahuma 

Upper Limb Examination

Hip History for FRCS by Mr Jeh Mahaluxmivala

Dupuytren Disease for FRCS by Mr Sameer Agarwal

Neurofibromatosis for FRCS by Mr Raghavendra Babu

Paediatric Femoral Fractures by Mr Husam Elbanna

Flashcards for short cases for the FRCS by Mr Amgad Medani

Shoulder Arthroplasty for FRCS by Mr Jikku Haniball

Adult Hip Dysplasia for FRCS by Mr Usman Kattak

Muscle Structure and Physiology for FRCS by Mr Sahib Memon

Severe soft tissue infections for FRCS by Ms Nicola Walsh

Knee Examination for FRCS - Part 2 by Mr Jeh Mahaluximavala

Nerves anatomy and electrophysiology by Mr David Hughes

Musculoskeletal tumours by Mr David Hughes

Joints dislocations by M

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